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Flying Archive, 2011, video-installation
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Arxiu Volant is a work comissioned by the arts festival Lilliput (2011) that celebrated a vernacular architecture of Barcelona: the tiny storefronts (quiosc d'escala) located side by side with the entrance and stairwell of a building.

Inspired in conceptual art tradition, Flying Archive researched the traces that this vernacular architecture left from 1881 to 2011 in the adds' section of a newspaper (La Vanguardia). The typography, the frequence in which the adds appear, and the kind of businesses described, speak about Barcelona's social and economic life.

Flying Archive was shown in "quiosc d'escala" or tiny storefront at carrer Ferran, 19 in Barcelona during the festival. Images for the spot consist of footage from archive.org found upon linotype as search criteria.