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Game field, 2011, site-specific
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Terreny de joc explores the potential links between three neighboring communities, through a series of videos centered on the movements and habits of individuals as they integrate into a larger group or community. The camera moved across the social life of the three spaces as a dancer: sometimes slowing down as in a static shot, sometimes traversing and connecting neighbors such as in tracking shots.

Terreny de joc was developed within Consell Nacional de la Cultura i les Arts (CONCA) grant. Exhibited at Arts Santa Mònica (CASM, Barcelona, 2011) within Catalitzadors exhibition.
Curated by Ramon Parramon and with the artists and arts collective Santiago Cirugeda, Amasté, Jordi Canudas, Josep Maria Martín, Sinapsis, Tanit Plana, Laia Solé i Democracia.